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Juan Henao

Juan Henao is an experienced international development professional with over 8 years of experience in implementing, designing and managing citizen security and violence prevention projects in the Latin America region. He has served in a senior management role (COP & DCOP) on several USAID and INL funded citizen security projects including in Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador. The impact of his work has resulted in the reduction of violence (by 65% or more) in 160 high crime communities, as well as increased youth employment and helped these communities to achieve resilience. Mr. Henao´s extensive experience managing Monitoring, Evaluation and learning (MEL) teams to conduct day-today tracking and evaluation of key activities ensured quality reporting, promoted learning opportunities and tracked indicators of the projects he has led.  Under his leadership, various USAID projects conducted a number of qualitative and quantitative research methodologies, to include: baselines, surveys, focus groups, and individual interviews to ascertain perceptions of insecurity, identify drivers for crime and violence (i.e., risk factors), categorize drivers for migration, measure the effect of remittances on youth; and identify indigenous youth profile and interests. In Honduras, Mr. Henao led the design and development of 5 municipal crime observatories that tracked and reported on crime statistics in support for inter-institutional, Place Based Approach, planning to abate gang-related crime and improve communities´ perceptions of state institutions.  Mr. Henao has significant experience working at the intersection of violence prevention, rule of law, governance and human rights.  As the Chief of Party for the USAID Governance for Citizen Security Activity (G4CS), he worked extensively with justice sector reform specialists to reform community policing and interdiction efforts, and to create and design alternative dispute resolution mechanisms for communities.  In El Salvador, he worked extensively at the community and municipal levels to promote primary and secondary prevention models for at-risk youth.  He also worked with the Vice Ministry for Justice and Public Security to implement the National Strategy for Violence Prevention, and formulated new policies and regulations aimed at institutionalizing crime and violence prevention best practices. He has experience on human rights issues affecting youth in El Salvador, Honduras and Guatemala, and has worked with social ministries, local NGOs and Church groups to create and promote referral networks for victims of domestic violence, members of the LGTBI community, youth and recently returned migrants. In Mexico, Guatemala and Panama he worked alongside the Organization of American states and the United Nations Development Program on initiatives designed to increase youth, women and indigenous participation in political processes, and promoted freedom of information initiatives. He has significant experience in the reconstruction of community life through Crime Prevention through Environmental Design (CPTED) initiatives, community police interventions, as well as workforce development programs. His is fluent in Spanish and holds a Juris Doctorate from the American University Washington College of Law.

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