A Survivor-Centered Approach in GBV Programming



gender-based violence

A Survivor-Centered Approach in GBV Programming

Under the ASIV IDIQ, DPI and our partner, Making Cents International, are implementing the Collective Action to Reduce Gender-Based Violence (CARE-GBV) Task Order, which is strengthening USAID’s capacity to collectively prevent and respond ('collective action') to harmful GBV practices globally. The CARE-GBV team is working on a series of how-to-notes shedding light on different issues that should guide GBV programming, in USAID missions and in a broader context, in order to make stakeholders aware of and responsive to social norms conducive to or preventing these harmful practices, and adequate mechanisms to combat them.

This third now-to-note provides guidance on the hallmark of quality GBV programming - the survivor-centered approach. It empowers survivors and promotes their dignity and agency, and is implemented by ensuring survivors’ safety, protecting confidentiality, demonstrating respect for survivors’ dignity and self-determination, and practicing nondiscrimination. It is also reflected through organizational policies and structures, as well as staff knowledge, skills, attitudes, and practices. The Note is complemented by a simple Infographic outlining guiding principles and strategies that lead to survivor empowerment.