Online Hearings Become a Reality for Kosovo Courts



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Online Hearings Become a Reality for Kosovo Courts

The pandemic has changed the way we function in both our private and professional lives in more ways than one. Concern for stopping the spreading of the disease has forced the whole planet to reduce physical contact or avoid it to the extent possible in order to save lives.

Operating in a virtual environment has also become a reality for Kosovo courts this summer as the first remote hearing using videoconferencing equipment provided by USAID through the Judicial Systems Strengthening Program (JSSP) took place in the Basic Court of Ferizaj in July.

In October, USAID through JSSP donated more videoconferencing equipment to help strengthen the implementation of virtual justice that has began to take roots in Kosovo. JSSP supported Kosovo courts as they piloted online hearings through summer. With more equipment, the technological aspects involved in organizing remote hearing will run smoothly and for a larger number of judges.

This initiative adds to a number of other online tools developed with JSSP support including the online court fee calculator, and the performance dashboard for Kosovo courts, showing accurate statistic information on a number of parameters related to judicial efficiency and quality of justice, and others.