Raising Awareness on Universal Access to Justice



access to justice, gender-based violence, human rights, legal aid

Raising Awareness on Universal Access to Justice

USAID Open Justice Project representatives took part in a range of public events in the past several months with a single aim – raising awareness on universal access to justice as a key precondition for the continued development of a democratic society valuing key principles of human rights and the rule of law.

Starting in September, the Project took part in the Civic Fest – Moldova for Citizens, interacting in panel discussions on citizen engagement and joint efforts of Moldovans and their institutions on creating a better society. On the second day of the event, the Project distributed promotional materials on key project activities to the visitors of the fair set up amid one of the Chișinău’s most frequented shopping malls.

In November, to mark the International Day of eliminating violence against women, the Project team participated in a lecture held for the students and professors of the Alecu Russo University in Balti. The Open Justice team emphasized the importance of empowering victims of gender-based violence and informing them on where to seek assistance. They distributed a brochure with practical advice on what to do when a person is abused, what national protection mechanisms are in place, and contact information on institutions that offer specialized assistance and counselling to abuse victims.

In December, the Open Justice Team marked the International Day of People with Disabilities by partnering with the Legal Assistance Center for Persons with Disabilities to produce a brochure to help people with special needs better understand their legal rights and obtain free legal aid. The brochure was distributed to over 90 participants at the conference organized by the United Nations.

Finally, on December 8, 2017, the USAID Open Justice Project teamed with the Balti Legal Clinic to conduct a public discussion on how to fight corruption. The event brought together 35 participants, including law and social science students, who shared their views and concerns about corruption and its impact on human rights.

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