USAID’s JSSP in Kosovo Helps with Online Access to Court Case Status



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USAID’s JSSP in Kosovo Helps with Online Access to Court Case Status

USAID Judicial Systems Strengthening Program (JSSP) delivered many milestones in partnership with judicial institutions in Kosovo related to improved efficiency, better awareness of the court work and procedures, as well as greater transparency of court operations. The latest achievement in the area of transparency includes the development of a case lookup tool which is integrated into the website of the Kosovo’s Judicial Council, and all courts.

The tool enables quick and easy access to case information for citizens - all parties in court proceedings, including both the current status and previous actions on their case. It is interconnected with the case management system and draws upon the most recent data entered on a case. Interested parties need to know their case number in order to be able to access the status information. JSSP also developed a video tutorial readily available at the lookup tool home page to help users navigate their way through the steps necessary to obtain case data.

This tool marks an important step forward in ensuring full court transparency and easier access to justice building on modern technologies that allow interaction with the court without the need to physically visit a court’s premises which is of particular significance during the current COVID-19 pandemic. It adds to a set of tools already developed for Kosovo judicial institutions that help make them more accessible and open to the public on-line, such as the new website for the Kosovo Judicial Council and the Judicial Performance Dashboard released this May.