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Marc Lassman

Mr. Lassman has over 18 years of experience in international development, including managing numerous international projects including the Rule of Law Project in Serbia, Policy, Advocacy and Civil Society Development Project in Georgia, Good Governance Program in Montenegro, Serbian Enforcement Project (Enforcement Advisor), Rule of Law projects in Bulgaria, as well as complex Judicial Reform projects in Russia and Bosnia, among others. Mr. Lassman has a long-standing legal background and his experience includes: managing judicial, court, case management and backlog reforms; judgment enforcement reforms; good governance reforms; municipal anti-corruption reforms; legal aid reforms; legal profession reforms; ADR initiatives, including in/out of court mediation; civil society and public policy debate strengthening initiatives; administering civil society grants to oversee judicial and parliamentary institutions; business regulation and business environment reforms; RIA reforms; fostering collaboration between government, judiciary and the private sector; and facilitating constructive dialogue among competing stakeholders.

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