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Sanela Paripovic

Sanela Paripović is an experienced and motivated senior leader who has served in numerous justice sector reform roles for USAID, international donors, and Bosnia’s judicial institutions. Mr. Paripovic is currently the Deputy Chief of Party for the Justice Against Corruption Activity which is designed to work with the Bosnian justice sector to process and adjudicate complex organized crime and corruption cases.   Prior to this she was the Component 1 Team leader on the USAID-funded Justice Activity leading activities aimed at improving detection, processing, investigation, and prosecution of corruption, economic and organized crime cases, and has provided technical assistance and training for 19 prosecutor offices from throughout BiH. She has also served as Deputy Chief of Party of the Strengthening Government Institutions and Process Project where she was responsible for integrating gender considerations into policy making and legislation. During her 24-year professional career, she has held several key positions in BiH institutions including: the Deputy Ombudsman of BiH, the first Director of the Judicial and Prosecutorial Training Center of the Federation of BiH, and a Judge of the Basic Court. Ms. Paripovic has also provided leadership as Program Manager of the Council of Europe (COE) Training Program for Judges and Prosecutors on the European Convention on Human Rights, as the Project Manager of UNDP Access to Justice Project, and as the Deputy Director of the Canadian (CIDA) Justice Reform Project.

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