Ivory Coast

USAID ProJustice, Ivory Coast

In Ivory Coast, DPI worked with TetraTech DPK (Tt DPK) on the five-year judicial administration program called ProJustice which worked to increase efficient administration, accountability, and access-to-justice. ProJustice cooperated with the Ministry of Justice (MOJ), National Judicial Training Institute, targeted courts, and civil society organizations to strengthen training for judiciary police, magistrates, and court staff.

ProJustice also focused on improving case management systems, increasing transparency and accountability in the courts, improving citizen access to the MOJ public defense fund, strengthening MOJ legal aid offices, and supporting public legal awareness activities by empowering community legal advisors (CLAs). DPI provided long term technical assistance at both the national and local levels to enhance justice services and access to legal aid for Ivoirian citizens.   

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